(Ro)Mantic Ritual Return From the Road…

Adam Haritan, drummer for Pittsburgh’s own MANTIC RITUAL, offers this tour-end wrap-up:

“Hey guys and girls!  We’re finally home after our 5-week stint with Destruction and Krisiun.  Throughout the past month, we’ve been able to travel to  new cities, meet tons of new fans, tread snow and sand, read lots of books, eat beans and salad, drink our fair share of beer, listen to the Scorpions discography, and have a blast touring the continent with two legendary bands.  We’d like to thank everyone who came out to support us, as well as those who purchased our new album, Executioner.  Thanks to you guys, we could actually afford to eat once in a while!

“Along the way, we also had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with members of Immolation, Suffocation, Into Eternity (they seem to be spread out all over the U.S.), Annihilator, Infernal Majesty, Testament, 3 Inches of Blood, Forbidden, Deicide, Nile, Iced Earth, Morbid Angel, and many others.  We also ran into another band, Romantic Ritual, who kind of looks and sounds like us:

“You be the judge, Philip Banks.

“Anyway, after our last show in New York City, Ben [Mottsman, bassist] and Jeff [Potts, guitarist] hung around for a few days and were able to catch Kreator/Exodus/Belphegor/Warbringer/Epicurean the following night [at the Nokia Theater], while Dan [Wetmore, lead vocalist & guitarist] and I had the pleasure of driving the equipment and merchandise back home.

“Thanks again to everyone who made the tour as fun as it was.  We’ll be hitting the road again in June with Pro-Pain and Sworn Enemy, so we hope to see all of you in a few months!  Until then, we’ll be writing new material and kickin’ back watching the [Pittsburgh] Pirates, eating Primanti Brothers sandwiches, and washing  it all down with ice cold Iron City beer.   Cheers!”

Upcoming tour dates with PRO-PAIN and SWORN ENEMY an be viewed here.

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