American Heritage’s New Album Set For March Release

American Heritage will release Sedentary, their first album since 2006’s critically-acclaimed album Millenarian, on Mar. 1 via Translation Loss Records.

Recorded at Chicago’s Semaphore Studios with Buried at Sea’s Sanford Parker once again behind the boards, the eleven-track album features a different bass player on each song including contributions from the aforementioned Parker, Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher and Black Cobra’s Rafa Martinez.  After recording Sedentary, American Heritage added Erik Bocek (Joan of Arc, Ghosts and Vodka) as their permanent bass player.

Adam Norden, singer and guitar player for American Heritage, explains the lyrical ideas behind Sedentary, “The idea is from the concept of a sedentary society, meaning, one that no longer is nomadic.  I was thinking of what changed at that point in human development.”

Revolver Magazine called Millenarian “one of the best of the year,” Anthem described the music as “…Wagner after a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and some ludes” and Rock Sound said the album is “… a superbly volatile mix of math-rock brains and heavy metal brawn.”

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