A New Rage Against The Machine Album In The Works?

Albeit in Spanish, frontman Zach de la Rocha of the 90’s hip hop metal group Rage Against The Machine has revealed plans for a new RATM album tentatively due in the summer of 2011. For the bilinguals out there, the original chat can be found here: http://diario.latercera.com/2010/10/03/01/contenido/cultura-entretencion/30-40407-9-vamos-a-chile-para-tributar-el-legado-de-bolano-y-victor-jara.shtml

Translated to English, the pertinent part of the article reads:

The band is back together in 2007, how was this second life?

Very good, we are all bigger and mature and you do not fall into the problems we faced 10 or 15 years. This is different and we project a lot: we are working on a new album due out next year, perhaps for the northern hemisphere summer.

Janina Marie (5:06:25 PM): well……like i said…..my thoughts about u still stand. so if anything…..i’ll be here to pick up the pieces….i needed
Janina Marie (5:06:42 PM): as my caring warm hearted self is
Janina Marie (5:06:52 PM): just so u know the type of person you’re dealing with

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