Blut Aus Nord: The Mythical Beast of Rebellion

Considered by many to be the band’s greatest work, BLUT AUS NORD’s “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” marked a crucial transition from the French enigma’s Black Metal genesis toward a discordant, forward-thinking future. Originally released in 2001, “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” surges with hypnotic fury, inducing trance-like states through increasingly dissonant riffing. Now buttressed by an entire bonus CD/LP’s worth of new material (that slows proceedings to a murky crawl), BLUT AUS NORD’s “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” has become an even taller monolith of obsidian dread. With this reissue, BLUT AUS NORD completes the original work, delving deeper into the abyss first entered almost a decade ago. Three new songs have been written – “The Fall (Chapter 7, 7 and… 7)” – comprising an exclusive new album that plots a divergent path to the same destination. In conjunction with the brutal, hypnotic minimalism of the first six chapters, these crawling, cavernous pieces give the masterpiece a more wholesome dimension. BLUT AUS NORD’s second album is heavier, more vicious and tortured than the debut. In line with the defiant mindset of today, this release saw the band try new things, writing the thickest track of their history: a painful progression subtly roaring over 19 oppressing minutes. Every artist should be afforded an opportunity to showcase the antithesis of his works in order to establish an equilibrium. With this surprising reissue, BLUT AUS NORD takes that opportunity and presents “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” in a brand new light.


Disc 1: The Fall
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Disc 2: The Fall
Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Chapter 7

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