ANTHRAX Guitarist SCOTT IAN: ‘Touring Is The Hardest Thing Physically And Mentally’

Attention Deficit Delirium Bryan Reesman conducted an interview with guitarist Scott Ian of ANTHRAX/THE DAMNED THINGS. Excerpts from the interview below.

On his drive and perseverance:

Ian: “Just the energy and perseverance it took to get ANTHRAX done from the early days to the first record to ‘Among The Living’ to the Big Four [tour] — people probably just think it’s all fucking fancy wine and sleeping late, and it’s not. It’s a lot of hard work. As fun as it is to play shows, touring is the hardest thing physically and mentally. But I would never give it up because it’s too much fun, and I love doing it too much. It’s not a case of where I get re-energized from all these things, I just enjoy doing all of it.”

On shuffling his ANTHRAX and THE DAMNED THINGS duties:

Ian: “It’s pretty easy between ANTHRAX and THE DAMNED THINGS. ANTHRAX is my priority, and just because of where we’re at right now in recording, it’s given me the opportunity to go out and do some DAMNED THINGS touring. The ANTHRAX record is pretty much done musically. It’s just down to Joey [Belladonna] singing the whole record now, which will start right after the holidays. Obviously I don’t need to be there on a daily basis while Joey is singing. Of course, I’ll pop in every once in a while, but it gives me time to go out [and perform]. If we were in the thick of it with ANTHRAX right now, I couldn’t do a DAMNED THINGS tour.”

Read the entire interview from Attention Deficit Delirium.

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