Braingell Tribute to Phil Lynott Show

Braingell’s very own UK rock “meister”, Pitbull,¬†will be hosting a 1 hour special on Tuesday 4th January @ 4pm, to remember the life and music of Thin Lizzy’s charismatic, and much missed frontman, Phil Lynott. Why the 4th January? Well, this year is the 25th anniversary of the death of the vagabond, and Pitbull will be looking back at his career from the Skid Row days with Gary Moore, his ups and downs with Thin Lizzy, and post Lizzy with his short lived Grand Slam project. As well as the music side of Philo, his lifestyle that eventually killed him will be mentioned, but the main objective of the show, is without doubt, to highlight what a prolific and entertaining front man and writer Phil was. So dont forget, if you are a fan of Lizzy, tune in, and remember with Pitbull, the life of Phil Lynott.

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