Snake Sabo Interview

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If ya do yer history, SKID ROW’s “Slave to the Grind” debuted at Numbero Uno on Billboard. That’s the very first “Metal” record ever to do so. And Mr. Snake Sabo just allowed me to interview him. Don’tcha know, I was most happy. I saw SR come out with Randall half-stacks, 40 minutes of time, and leave a fucking mark back in the day. I still haven’t forgot it. Chop Chop Motherfuckers! Here ya go….

Q- What was your first instrument, and how old were you?

A- My first instrument was a shitty guitar from Sears It was my brothers bought for around 30 or 40 bucks. He gave it up after a month or so, so I picked it up, and I never put it down. I was 14 and a half.

Q- What was the first record you bought?

A- The first record I bought, I didn’t really buy. My brother bought me “Alive” and “Dressed to Kill” at a local record store called “Sam Goody’s” in N.J. when I was 12. I stole alot of my brother’s records as well.

Q- If you could jam with any deceased musician, who would it be?

A- I wouldn’t be worthy of jammin’ with any of them, but if I could get lessons from Mr. Rhoads and Mr. SRV, I would probably sell my soul for that.

Q-  If you weren’t a musician, which career path would you choose?

A- I would be involved in some aspect of the music business. I made sure that when I started that I dedicated every moment to becoming better. I never left myself a backup plan, because, I didn’t want anything to fall back on. It was music, or nothing.

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