Def Leppard Tribute Band Seeks One-Armed Drummer

Pyromania — a Def Leppard cover band based in Dallas, Texas — is looking for a new drummer with only one arm, just like actual Leppard drummer Rick Allen, according to Their hand-written ad also insists that the ideal percussionist must have “no prosthetics” and should own a “flame-retardant kit and stick.”

Pyromania claims to be the only tribute band that can simulate the Def Leppard live experience with “true accuracy.”

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At the height of worldwide fame in 1984, Rick Allen had a car accident that changed his life. Rick lost an arm, but turned personal tragedy into spiritual transformation and continued his musical career.

2009 Pyromania Def Leppard Tribute Demo

Pyromania Def Leppard Tribute | Myspace Music Videos

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