Lazarus A.D. – The Onslaught

Kenosha, WI isn’t exactly a hotbed for metal bands but if Lazarus A.D. are trying their hardest to change that perception. The hard-working outfit inked a deal with Metal Blade Records last year and they just released, The Onslaught, their first album for the legendary label. The quintet specialize in the kind of mid-paced thrash that bands like Exodus and Sacred Reich favored in the early 90s. Bassist/vocalist Jeff Paulick has the kind of snarl made for this kind of stuff while his annunciation keeps every lyric right in focus. The guitar team of Alex Lackner and Dan Gapen keep things interesting with a tight balance of thick riffing, memorable counter melodies, and the kinds of solos that get lodged into your head from the first listen.

The recording could have used some more grit in the mix but it’s not a deal breaker by any stretch. Points must be given to the band for having the balls to self-produce either way. Throughout the album, Lazarus A.D. prove their songwriting prowess time and time again. Instead of cramming their arrangements with 50 riffs per song, they hold back, going with an economic use of only the essentials to pull off the moments. That doesn’t mean they don’t show off their formidable playing skills. On songs like “Last Breath” and the crushing “Forged In Blood,” the guitars and double bass drum attack is in full display. This is a young band who have done their homework.


Rating: 7/10
Label: Metal Blade Records

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  1. Just saw these guys last week in OKC. They put on a helluva show. Really nice guys too. They were hanging out at the merch booth between Goatwhore and Amon Amarth selling their CD’s for $10. If you bought one at that time, they signed them for you. They are coming back with Unearth in June and I look forward to catching them again.

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