Artoffact Records to Release Motorjesus’ Wheels of Purgatory in February 2011

MOTORJESUS burst into the metal scene in 2004 with Dirty Pounding Gasoline, which was celebrated by the press and extremely popular with the metal community, and Deathrider (2006), both of them earning the band countless live appearances: from clubs to concert venues, alongside heroes great and small, from Motorhead to Anthrax, Prong to Hatesphere. Now there’s their latest album, WHEELS OF PURGATORY – and Motorjesus are really letting it rip again! The album contains 13 powerful rock songs plus a cover version of the Neil Young classic ‘Old Man’ as an atmospheric finale. The opener ‘Motor Discipline’ is a crossbreed of rock with metal, refining this explosive nitrogen mix with a number of surprises. The same applies to the consciously snotty ‘King Of Dead End Road’ and the harsh ‘Hammer Of The Lord’ with its ironically witty lyrics. Wheels Of Purgatory – a heavenly heavy rock album, and at the same time a veritable ride to hell and back! Released on Artoffact records and available February 8th, 2011.

1. Ignition
2. Motor Discipline
3. Fist Of The Dragon
4. King Of The Dead End Road
5. Fuel The Warmachine
6. Hammer Of The Lord
7. West Of Hell
8. Down To Zero
9. Wheels Of Purgatory
10. The Church (Of Booze And Kerosene)
11. The Shadowman
12. Fire 99
13. Electric Rise
14. Old Man

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