KROKUS Frontman Joins ‘Rock Meets Classic’ Tour

Vocalist Marc Storace of Swiss hard rock legends KROKUS will perform some “classic KROKUS” with a “classical symphony orchestra” in four Swiss cities. Other vocalists featured on the “Rock Meets Classic” bill include Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE), Lou Gramm (ex-FOREIGNER), Les Holroyd (BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST) and Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH).

Marc was recently asked by a journalist whether he’s afraid to tackle the mix between rock and classic or whether it is more so a challenge for him. “Afraid?” Marc replied. “Not at all; to the contrary!

“I learned about classical renditions when I was just born. My mother played on the piano everything from Beethoven to Mozart when I still was in her womb. My oldest sister was a piano teacher and played to ballet. At that time I was more interested in pop and soul music and then came rock ‘n’ roll!

“When THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES and a couple of other bands started to integrate classical elements into their songs, I really liked that a lot.

DEEP PURPLE recorded an entire album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and later on Jeff Lynne set a new standard for ‘rock meets classic’ with his ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA.

“It is indeed a challenge but also a welcomed diversity and change of pace.”

When asked which of the other performers he is most looking forward to sharing the stage with and why, Marc said, “I like all of the vocalists on the bill, but as an old DEEP PURPLE fan I still hold a great respect for Ian Gillan. I’m so excited to share the same stage with him along with all the other performers.”

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