GWAR Front-Thing Oderus Urungus to Get Loaded With the Humans

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, crack-smoking and baby-eating alien is making his return to New York City. That’s right, Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, will be in the Big Apple not only to appear on a bevy of T.V. and radio shows, but actually mingle with the human race in the more social setting of a East Village bar.

“My interaction with the human race is usually confined to crushing skulls and counseling rape-victims”, said Oderus. “This is something new for me.”

Oderus and the boys are frequent visitors to the city that also is rumored to harbor the headquarters of GWAR manager and shadowy crime mogul Sleazy P. Martini. Just last month GWAR played to their faithful maggots the day after Christmas, bringing with them the blizzard of 2010.  Scores of GWAR fans froze to death as their blood-drenched clothing froze solid upon exiting the show.

Now the mighty Oderus is returning to New York City, and woe upon those who do not come party with him! Wednesday January 19 from 7-10 PM the ever affable host extraordinaire, Oderus Urungus, will be showing his warty face (and the rest of him) at “The Bloody Pit of Horror Happy Hour”, which takes place Idle Hands Bar in New York City.  Idle Hands is located at 25 Avenue B, downstairs b/t 2nd and 3rd streets in the Village.  Drink specials include $5 bloody beers and $5 bloody shots.  The featured beer of the evening will be Coney Island Lager’s “Freaktoberfest” which has a 6.66 % ABV and is made with real zombie blood.   Check it out at The event will also serve as a release party for the new GWAR picture disc LP versions of “Lust in Space” and “Bloody Pit of Horror”.  Oderus cannot wait to booze it up with the human filth of the tri-state area.

“I can’t wait to booze up with the human filth of the tri-state area,” he said.

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