Before Their Eyes Beaten Up at The Chance By Security

BEFORE THEIR EYES, currently on tour with SILVERSTEIN, NORMA JEAN, and BLESSTHEFALL, fell victims to security with attitudes. The result was mangled faces, New York coppers, and a photographer who could snap nothing but black and white stills.

It all blew up at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Their blog reads:

“Hey- tonight’s security did a great job of putting a fellow band member in the hospital.

All of this started because the security member (pictured below) decided to ATTACK us because we didn’t want to set our equipment out in the pouring rain while we went to get our van to load out.

Here is how it all went down:  Meet goliath, 7 foot, 300 pound, crazy man that likes to beat up kids.”

^^ angry security man

^^ battered band member

Full story here.

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