Factory of Dreams release MELOTRONICAL & Teaser Video

Melotronical is available for immediate pre-sale at a $2 discount (LIMITED TIME OFFER, HURRY!)  from http://www.progrockrecords.com/shop/view.php?id=243 and will ship in late January 2011. The CD will be available from your favorite chain, digital download service or online reseller worldwide on March 8, 2011. Price will go up when units ship.

Also available digitally:

Lossless format FLAC (cd quality): http://mindawn.com/albums/7397

Cool OGG format: http://mindawn.com/albums/7396

Watch the Spectacular promotional video in 720p HQ @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJG0GHGBvRY

Or download the full HQ version or the stunning version for iPad and iPhone 4 from http://melotronical.com

New revamped album version of ‘Whispering Eyes’ @ http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/61

An extended preview (audio streaming) is available with more samples from other tracks @ http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/61

Here’s what Hugo Flores had to say:

..“Melotronical is different, very special, quite aggressive some times, and perhaps our best album to date… Every track from this album has something unique, maybe related to the way the album was designed; a conceptual album, following a storyline that in the end will make sense to everyone. It’s a timeless story, about who every living being IS…  and what’s also great is the booklet with no less than 13 specific images created to support the story and music!..

..I hope that all tracks will stick in your mind for a long time, we tried to come up with ideas that would definitely make a difference…

..Hope you enjoy it and a Happy 2011 to everyone!”..

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Many thanks,

Factory of Dreams

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