Ex Deo Reveal Guest Appearances for Debut Album

EX DEO, the new Roman themed band featuring Maurizio Iacono of KATAKLYSM, have just announced a complete list of guest appearances on their debut record entitled RomulusNergal of BEHEMOTH will appear on the song “Storm the Gates of Alesia” singing a very famous quote from Julius Caesar. Karl Sanders (NILE) adds a solo on the song “The Final War (The Battle of Actium)” which deals with Antony and Cleopatras defiance of Octivian in Egypt. Finally  Obsidian C. of KEEP OF KALESSIN lends a melodic solo on the track “Cruor Nostri Abbas”.

Commented vocalist Maurizio Iacono also of KATAKLYSM fame:

“It’s an honor for me that such talented musicians and friends lended their art for a couple songs on this album. I only asked a few select people that had an involvement with history through their music  and related to this bands concept. So I salute them for contributing to Rome’s rise and they shall be aptly rewarded for it! Word coming from the province of Serbia is that the video is almost ready to be presented. I had a glimpse of it already and all I can do is smile.”

EX DEO Recording Line-Up:

  • Maurizio Iacono (KATAKLYSM) – Vocals
  • Stephane Barbe (KATAKLYSM)  – Guitars
  • J-F Dagenais (KATAKLYSM)  – Guitars
  • Max Duhamel (KATAKLYSM) – Drums
  • Francois Mongrain (MARTYR) – Bass
  • Jonathan Leduc (BLACKGUARD) – Keyboards

EX DEO’s debut album Romulus will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on June 19 in Europe and June 30 in North America.

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