BAPTIZED IN BLOOD Frontman: DAVE MUSTAINE’s ‘Always Got Our Back’

Vocalist Johl Fendley of the London, Ontario, Canada-based metal outfit BAPTIZED IN BLOOD recently spoke to the Vancouver Sun about how MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine took them under his wing.

When BAPTIZED IN BLOOD found out that Mustaine wanted to co-manage the band alongside MEGADETH manager Mark Adelman, “it was a complete shock,” Fendley said.

“We’re still trying to come to terms with it. When we found out he wanted to be involved, we said, ‘No way. This has to be a joke.’ ”

He continued, “We talk to him pretty much on a semi-daily basis now. He always makes time for us no matter what he’s up to. Actually, he phoned from New Zealand just the other day, chatting it up with us about what’s going on. He wants to make sure everything is good and that we’re healthy — basically whatever I have to ask him, he’s got an answer for. That’s amazing. It’s like a mentor-type thing.

“It’s cool to be able to talk to him about other things besides music: I’m a father of a really young guy now and he’s a dad, too,” Fendley added. “So to just be able to pick his brain about how he makes that work and how this lifestyle affects his family and how I can make it work for my family is the greatest feeling. He’s always got our back. If anyone wants to mess with BAPTIZED IN BLOOD, they’ll have Mustaine on the line in a couple of minutes.”

“Dirty’s Back” video:

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