Seven Times More Scary Productions to Release ‘Love At First Grind – Vol. 3’

Seven Times More Scary Productions will be releasing a new compilation entitled “Love At First Grind Vol. 3” which will include bands from various countries.  It will be available for free download on January 30 and the download link will be revealed at Seven Times More Scary Myspace blog page.  If you’re digging Psychedelic Rock, Grindcore, Noise, or Death Metal then you definitely want to keep an eye out on this.

Track Listing:

01 KROTOK MORVAX PREDIKATOR (france) “Ekolokry”
02 BASSOOKAH (the netherlands) “Crash Test Dummy”
03 ZIDOVUDINE HEADACHE (united kingdom) “Norman Wisdom Getting Pissed On”
04 COCAINE ORGY (united states) “I’m Not Downloading 100 Agathocles Splits”
05 MENSO NOISE (ecuador) “Como Sufro Por Tu Amor”
06 GRIME DIRGE (italy) “Drowning In Darkness”
07 HEATHEN BEAST (india) “Religious Genocide”
08 DETHCENTRIK (united states) “Life Down The Toilet”
09 GLAUKOM SYNOD (france) “Throatectomy”
10 SATAN’S SCROTUM (united states) “Join In The Black Metal Satanic Youth Army”
11 S.O.D.D. (united states) “Thorns On The Coffins”
12 MENTAL D-STRUCTION (france) “Untitled Nervosa”
13 RITUAL CRACK (united states) “Zip Zip Zoom”
14 MARLEE MATLIN (united states) “LSS”
15 THE ANAL TREATMENT XXX-PERIENCE (greece) “Peothilasmos Triskaratos”
16 ENEMAETIC (united states) “I Beat Puppies With Kittens”
17 BLOODGORGE (united states) “Arrow Valley”
18 MASKED STRANGER (united states) “A Procession Of Immolants Marches To The Sacrificial Abbatoir”
19 PROCTOPHOBIC (united states) “I Cum Elder Semen”
20 ExAxNxC (the netherlands) “Fat Pierced Pussy Lip Crust With Kiwi Fruit On The Side”
21 OLOCAUSTO (italy) “Piss On Her Pride”

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