I Am Abomination is Tearing Up the Rock Band Network Charts!

I AM ABOMINATION and AbsolutePunk.net are pleased to unveil the brand new video for the band’s track, ‘Since 1776’, today! Head to this link to watch the new video. The track is cut from the band’s critically acclaimed full length album To Our Forefathers, released by GOOD FIGHT MUSIC on May 11th, 2010. To Our Forefathers can be purchased on iTunes here.

I AM ABOMINATION’s featured track ‘The Deceiver’ has struck a major chord with the fanatical players of the smash hit-Rock Band video games. The track debuted at #4 on the Rock Band Network download charts! I AM ABOMINATION appeared on the top ten charts with bands such as Suicide Silence, OK Go, and Asking Alexandria. Diehard players of Rock Band games are known to embrace and endorse sections of play with fast soloing and complicated progression, and because of this, word spread quickly of I AM ABOMINATION amongst the players. This buzz is credited for the success of ‘The Deceiver’, and its debut in such a high chart position. For Rock Band fans that have yet to step up to the challenge of crushing ‘The Deceiver’, you can purchase the download here.

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