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Braingell writer “DanUK” of Brighton, UK recently conducted an interview with Nick Rodway (bass/vocals), Ben Mack (guitar), and Jamie Lawrence (drums)  of Crypsis.   See Dan’s interview below…

Hi Nick.  Thanks for giving your time for this interview today. It was great to hear your demo the other day – it’s been on my iPod ever since – really good piece of thrash metal.

Q: Tell me about the band. Who are the members and what instruments do each of you play? What are your ages? Do you all live locally to Brighton?

A: We are a 3-piece with myself on bass/vocals, Ben Mack on guitar and Jamie Lawrence on drums. Ben’s 17, Jamie’s 20 and I’m 21. We’re all from Brighton UK

Q: How did you meet? Are you old friends, college friends or did you advertise? How/when did you decide to form a band?

A: Me and Jamie met on a music course at city college in Brighton, I found Ben on the bus at Download festival a few years back then got back in touch one drunken night, he needed a band and we needed a guitarist so we decided to give it a whirl, never looked back.

Q: Has the band had any previous members or are you all the originals? Were there any previous incarnations of the band before this one?

A: We’re the original lineup of ‘Crypsis’, there were some other bands we were in before at college but they sucked!

Q: I have a copy of the new demo “Choir For The Carrion” which was recorded in Spring 2010. Is this your first demo or have you recorded previously?

A:  We have another demo which we recorded just to get a bit of music out there, we released it for free on mega grim Asda CD-R + plastic wallet combo. It was recorded in a shed in about 6 hours so we didn’t want to charge people for it! Still, it has some cool songs on like Demented Greed which I think benefits from the rough production. (danUK: It can be heard on and is actually pretty cool)

Q: “Choir For The Carrion” has a very professional look about it – printed CD, inserts etc, and has a very good production even though it was recorded at Brighton City College rather than a commercial recording studio. Tell me about the recording and what facilities you had. Was this available to you as students? And most importantly, did you have a good time recording it?

A:  We were asked by Pete Foster, one of our old buddies at college (we’d all left the year earlier) to come in and record an EP for his final college assignment. We thought we were only going to be there for a short while but it turns out the college got a lot better after we left! We had access to all sorts of professional recording equipment that would’ve cost us loads of money if we’d gone out and paid for them. He also put us in touch with one of his friends who also designed the cover art for us at no expense. We had an awesome time recording, it was a bit daunting at first but we ended up having a laugh in the end, Ben even managed to get his guitar fixed by one of the guys there so it worked out well and we’re really grateful to Pete for choosing us.

Q: Listening to “Choir For The Carrion” I can hear classic thrash influences – Exodus springs to mind (never a bad thing) – but also elements of stuff like early Destruction and Testament, and, to me, there are some bits that have an Autopsy/death metal feel to them. There is, of course, also an original sound too – the demo has your stamp on it. Who/what are your influences and what do you want, ultimately, to play? Are each of you into just metal or are there other musical interests? What are your favourite bands? Do you all have the same favourites or are there differences?

A:   Nick:  I’ve always liked European thrash and that’s the sound I tend to go for, mainly influenced by my favourite German thrash bands like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Deathrow. I’m also really keen on Swedish death metal like old Entombed, Dismember, Grave etc so that probably shows too. Oh and Carcass, I love Carcass!

Jamie: I’ve always thought that thrash metal has the most incredible energy live, reason why I’m so interested in playing it. I could name loads of bands but I’ll just do a few, the bands that inspire me most have been Strapping Young lad, Destruction and Municipal Waste, I love them. My favorite album at the moment has to be Ki by Devin Townsend though, is so good and relaxing. And balances out all the chaos haha!

Ben: I’ll try to keep this short as I could go on all day. I love all kinds of music really. I love jazz. Joshua Redman, Wes Montgomery, Guthrie Govan etc. Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsend have been a great influence, as well as more old school stuff like Anthrax and Megadeth. I grew up mainly on David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Cannibal Corpse. Nice even mix in my opinion!

Q: The demo begins with a sample from what sounds like a zombie movie. Are you into zombie movies? If so, which ones? What are the lyrical themes of the tracks on the demo? Where do you draw your lyrical influences from?

A: That’s from the old 60s version of Night Of The Living Dead, I was really into my zombie movies when I was younger and I’ve recently started getting back into them after being told about The Walking Dead graphic novels and films like Dead Snow. I haven’t told Ben or Jamie yet but I’m considering doing a music video with our music and that scene in Braindead with the lawnmower, assuming I can sneak it under the legal radar that is!

Q: How have you promoted this demo? What does it take these days for a young metal band to get noticed?

A:We’ve promoted this EP by having it as a free download for anyone to listen to (you can download it here, the idea is that people spread the word online and hopefully it reaches a few more ears. There’s always going to be people who want a physical release, and there’s always going to be people downloading albums for free. Our way of thinking is that by doing it this way we’ll come across a few more fans than we normally would.  We recently did an EP release show with our good buddies in Mutually Assured Destruction and Blöd Drunk as well. We were really surprised with the turnout, the place was packed!

Q: Tell me about your gigging. Who have you played with and the experiences you have had, where you have played, and do you have any cool shows coming up? If so, where and when, and with whom?

A: We’ve played quite a few shows with some awesome bands courtesy of our mate Buz at the Punker Bunker in Brighton, a lot of them were at the Engine Rooms, which shut down recently, something we were all gutted about. Some of the bands we’ve supported are Gama Bomb, SSS, Mutant, Bastard Child Death Cult, Death Angel, Cannabis Corpse, Magrudergrind, Voodoo Glowskulls and Baroness. They’ve all been super nice guys and we’ve enjoyed opening for them all, especially Cannabis Corpse, nicest bunch of dudes and spent the night talking about Denver airport (Google it!)

Q: Where would you like to be in five years from now? Is a record contract something that you are actively seeking?

A: We’re hoping to get on the road and spread our music on a bigger scale, basically we just want to make enough money to get to the next show, I think it’s being a bit optimistic to say we’ll be leaving our day jobs any time soon! We’re not really seeking a record deal as we are more a ‘do it yourself’ sorta thing but I’m sure if one popped up we’d discuss it.

DanUK: Thank you very much for your time in giving this interview. If there’s anything you’d like to say to the metal-loving world via Braingell Radio right now then please do!

A:  No problem.  Listen to Mutually Assured Destruction, Blöd Drunk, Enos, Funeral Hag, Dopefight and anything else that comes out of Brighton, do eeeeeeet

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