Culted Sign To Relapse Records

CULTED (Michael Klassen, Matthew Friesen, Kevin Stevenson and Daniel Jansson) have recently completed work their debut album, Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep, which will see its international release this July. Demo tracks taken from Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep, “Social Control” and a sample of “Gunburn”, can be heard online now via the Culted MySpace page.

Culted formed two years ago via an internet friendship between musicians with shared interests in bands like Khanate, SUNN 0))), and Electric Wizard. A truly collaborative effort across international lines, Culted vocalist Daniel Jansson lives in Gothenburg, Sweden while the rest of the band resides across rural Canada. Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep was written with out all four members ever having been in the same room nor ever spoken in real time.

Jansson commented on the new project: “I really wanted to get back into metal again after only doing Industrial music for about two years, and the initial guitar tracks just blew me away. I really heard a will to experiment and create some really dark oppressive tunes.”


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