BONDED BY BLOOD Involved In Weekend Van Accident

Pomona, California thrashers BONDED BY BLOOD are all doing fine after a van accident that had occurred this past weekend.

Commented bassist Jerry Garcia via a statement on his Tumblr page: “We were on our way to Trenton, New Jersey and our trailer took us for a spin on the highway.

“We had a great gig last night and we were happy to finally get into the groove of things. Unfortunately, everything has come to a cold and dreadful stop.

“I was driving the van on our way to New Jersey when we suddenly skid across the road and nearly hit a wall. Unfortunately, our fucking trailer flipped over and broke off the hinge!

“As I was driving down the road, the weather kept getting worse and worse. It was very difficult to see outside of our windows and the road was becoming one big sheet of ice. I could see the light from my headlights reflect off the pavement. I slowed down because I was afraid we would hydroplane. I was going about 40-45 mph about two hours from the venue, listening to the song ‘Chase The Wind’ by our friends’ band HOLY GRAIL on my headphones when suddenly I realized that our trailer was on a massive hydroplane completely adjacent to us. I kind of freaked out because I was afraid it would smash into the back of the van where Juan [Juarez, guitar] was sleeping. I laid off the gas, and as soon as I did, the trailer pulled the van and caused me to lose complete control. All I could say was, ‘OH, FUUUUCK!’ I managed to narrowly miss the center divider and a few cars before we skid completely across the highway and almost hit the wall on the other side. We came to a stop about three feet from the wall!

“It was a surreal experience, to say the least. Something about listening to our buddy Luna (from HOLY GRAIL) singing while we almost lost our lives just didn’t seem right. At least that is not how I would’ve expected to go. Everything happened so fast and my actions seemed automatic as if my instincts just kicked in and I did whatever it is I did behind the wheel without thinking about it.

“I’m not superstitious but its kind of ironic that Mauro [Gonzales, vocals] was listening to ‘Dying Season’ by HEATHEN and the exit off the highway we took after all was said and done was named Moosic. It’s like we exited music and in a way we did, for the night at least.

“We will probably have to miss a few gigs until we can get back on our feet again and get some form of transportation for our gear.

“Our trailer is fucked beyond immediate repair. We will have to leave it behind and find something else to haul our stuff in. I just hope that our gear is fine and nothing was destroyed.

“I apologize to anyone that came to see us tonight or will come to see us tomorrow but our safety comes first. We have to get everything fixed and safe before we can go anywhere in this weather.

“We are extremely bummed that we will have to miss some gigs. This is DEFINITELY NOT OUR STYLE (to miss shows and disappoint our fans) but sometimes things get out of hand.

“Don’t worry, guys — if we happen to miss your state due to this, remember that our tour schedule is massive and we will be back in a few months! You guys should still go to the gigs and support LAZARUS A.D. and the local acts that open up for them!

“I would’ve been completely devastated if any of the guys got hurt tonight but thankfully we are all OK; hell, we’re doing just fine! Alex [Lee, guitar] is playing some video game on his PSP, Carlos [Regalado, drums] is on the phone with some girl (I hope. Haha), Mauro is fucking around in the van and Juan is on his laptop, like always! Everyone is in high spirits and in hopes that we can get on the road A.S.A.P! My team just won 2-nil and one of my favorite songs, ‘Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?!’ [by MEGADETH], is playing on the radio! Hahaha…

“Believe it or not, [TWISTED SISTER singer] Dee Snider has his own radio station out here and here we are listening to it.

“Ahh, it’s good to live to hear that song one more time!!!

“Thanks for the well wishes, guys. BONDED BY BLOOD will be back on the road in a little bit.

“Fuck you, snow, you can’t stop us!”

View photos of the accident below.

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