DEATHRASH: 25th Anniversary of “Faces of Death”

Attention Ragers!!! Today, February 1st, is a big day in DEATHRASH history. It was on this day 25 years ago that the “Faces Of Death” demo was recorded! Never in our wildest dreams would the four kids who entered the recording studio that day ever have believed that people would be interested in us 25 years later! If we do not do all three tracks from the “Faces Of Death” demo at every show we hear about it from fans! In honor of this occasion, and to thank everyone who has supported us through the years, we have put the “Faces Of Death” demo, in all its three song glory, at the top of our new music player! So take a moment to go back in time to when life was simpler and angrier- and remember DEATHRASH is not responsible for any damages!!! You can find the music player here, please share it with friends and on your anti-social networking pages:

You can get all the songs you hear and more on our “Thrash Beyond Death” CD available at http://www.DEATHRASH.NET. Called an “all out thrash assault” and a “must have for anyone who considers themselves a true headbanger”! The “Thrash Beyond Death” CD has been getting great reviews worldwide since it’s release. You can also hear the track “Red All Over” on the “Fear Candy” CD that comes with this month’s TERRORIZER MAGAZINE! Enjoy!!!

In other DEATHRASH news, we have two upcoming shows! These will be our first shows since our drummer Marc had a motorcycle accident last September. We are dying to get back out there and guarantee that these shows will rage! THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON THE WALLS!!! Check us out at:

3/12 “March Metal Massacre VI” @ The Garfield 1750 West Main St. Northhampton PA

3/13 Bowery Electric 327 Bowery NYC

For all DEATHRASH news as well as merchandise, photos, updates and COMING SOON song lyrics- check out http://www.DEATHRASH.NET!!!


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