Sabaton: Metalizer Re-Issue Tracklisting Revealed!

Available for the first time in North America as non-imports, SABATON’s first four full-length albums will be re-issued by Nuclear Blast on April 14th, 2011. 2007’s Metalizer (Re-Armed), will include four bonus tracks (one live track, a demo track, and a Judas Priest cover) plus a bonus CD of the complete demo track collection for band’s first recording effort, Fist For Fight.

A Swedish power metal sextet that specializes in military history, SABATON bassist Pär Sundström shares the meaning behind the track title “7734,” discusses the band’s relationship with Judas Priest’s Defenders Of The Faith album, and recalls some memories of the Fist For Fight recording sessions:

“When we recorded Metalizer, we had some songs that were written in the studio. ‘7734’ was one of them. The song is basically a hymn about the battle of metalheads which are – in the beginning – few in number and they finally become 7,734. We saw the number written on a calculator upside down which spelled ‘HELL,’ so we named it that way. Also during the recording sessions for Metalizer, we were asked to do a few cover songs. We did (amongst a few others) the cover of Judas Priest’s ‘Jawbreaker,’ which was one of the songs we felt we could do well and still keep the original touch of it. The day before we entered the studio to start recording ‘Fist For Fight,’ I remember sitting at Joakim’s place and having some beers. That evening, the song ‘Hellrider’ was written simply by chance since it was not intended to be recorded. ‘Hellrider’ then became a standing song in all the future live sets of SABATON and even today, we play it.”

The track listing for Metalizer (Re-Armed) is as follows:
01 Hellrider
02 Thundergods
03 Metalizer
04 Shadows
05 Burn Your Crosses
06 7734
07 Endless Nights
08 Hail To The King
09 Thunderstorm
10 Speeder
11 Masters Of The World

Bonus Tracks:
12 Jawbreaker (Judas Priest Cover)
13 Dream Destroyer
14 Panzer Batallion (Demo Version)
15 Hellrider (Live In Västeras 2006)

Bonus CD:
01 Introduction (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
02 Hellrider (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
03 Endless Nights (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
04 Metalizer (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
05 Burn Your Crosses (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
06 The Hammer Has Fallen (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
07 Hail To The King (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
08 Shadows (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
09 Thunderstorm (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
10 Masters Of The World (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
11 Birds Of War (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)

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Partial Tour Dates listings with Accept

2011-04-09 Orlando FL The Club at Firestone w/ Accept
2011-04-10 Ft. Lauderdale FL Culture Room w/ Accept
2011-04-13 West Springfield VA Jaxx w/ Accept
2011-04-14 Philadelphia PA The Trocadero w/ Accept

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