Adversarial Reveal Cover Art And Track List For Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation LP

This March, Dark Descent Records will release an LP featuring newly recorded Adversarial material along with the original Thralls demo material (released by Blood Harvest in 2008). This LP/CD will be titled Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation and will contain the three

Thralls demo tracks in their original recorded state, two unreleased tracks and two cover songs. The two cover tracks are Incantation’s “A Once Holy Throne” and Archgoat’s “The Light Devouring Darkness,” which can be heard by visiting this location.

Side A

1. Scourge of a World Ablaze

2. A Hatred Tempered and Trialed

3. Thralls

4. Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation

Side B

5. Impending Eternal Blackness

6. The Light Devouring Darkness (Archgoat cover)

7. A Once Holy Throne (Incantation cover)

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