Funeral for a Friend Unveils New Track ‘Sixteen’ on Official Band Facebook Page

New Album Welcome Home Armageddon to

Release on March 15th, 2011 on Good Fight Music

Welsh post-hardcore kings FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND recently announced their U.S. plans to release their upcoming brand new full-length, Welcome Home Armageddon, set to hit stores stateside on March 15th, 2011. Fans can pre-order the new album at the Good Fight Music merch store. To give fans a sneak peek into the new record, the band has posted the track ‘Sixteen’ on their Facebook page, today. Head to this link to hear the new track!

“One of my favorite bands is band called Samiam,” states lead vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye. “I’ve spent the last 18 years of my life trying to write songs that sound as good as anything off Clumsy, You Are Freaking Me Out and Astray. I’ve never succeeded, but ‘Sixteen’ is the closest I’ve ever come. The lyrics are about being young, naive and unforgiving.”

Welcome Home Armageddon will be released on the band’s new label, GOOD FIGHT MUSIC, and will reconnect them with the original label team that released the band’s first two major pieces of music, Seven Ways to Scream Your Name EP (2003), and Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation (2003). This is their first offering of music since 2008’s Memory and Humanity, and promises to be a new musical direction for the band.


1. This Side Of Brightness

2. Old Hymns

3. Front Row Seats To The End of The World

4. Sixteen

5. Aftertaste

6. Spinning Over The Island

7. Man Alive

8. Owls (Are Watching)

9. Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

10. Medicated

11. Broken Foundation

12. Welcome Home Armageddon

A new track cut from Welcome Home Armageddon, ‘Front Row Seats to The End of the World’, is available for download now at Please follow this link to download the track:

Over the course of the last decade, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND changed British rock music forever. The band’s journey from hardcore roots and DIY shows in Bridgend to major label records and worldwide tours has built a long and prosperous road that many homegrown bands from across the alternative spectrum have been traveling along ever since. Those that play to crowds of thousands each year on Warped Tour, that adorn countless magazine covers, that grace the stages of arenas and that still have ink drying on their recording contracts all owe a debt of thanks to the quintet’s approach, ambition and aesthetic.

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