Quicksand Dream – Aelin: A Story About Destiny Now Streaming At StereoKiller.com

Swedish epic metallers Quicksand Dream are streaming their recently rediscovered album Aelin: A Story About Destiny in full at Stereokiller.com. Head over to www.stereokiller.com/QuicksandDream to experience this classic masterpiece which has finally claimed its proper spot in heavy metal history. Aelin: A Story About Destiny was reissued in the winter of 2010 by Planet Metal and has since become a favorite amongst fans, critics and metal purists across the board.

A true gem from the heavy metal underground! QUICKSAND DREAM was a treasured obscurity even during its original active period in Sweden during the early 1990s. In 1996, the core duo of Göran Jacobson and Patrick Backlund reconvened to record the ambitious and imaginative Aelin concept album. Upon its completion in 1999, the album was only circulated among friends and has remained largely unheard and unknown until now. With sophisticated and unique narrative-style songwriting and an elegant 16-page booklet to illustrate the album’s epic tale, Aelin: A Story About Destiny is a mandatory release for any fan of Epic Heavy Metal. Fans of Manilla Road, Fates Warning, Cirith Ungol, While Heaven Wept, Candlemass, and epic-era Bathory take notice!


Aelin: A Story About Destiny

1. Prologue
2. A Child Was Born
3.  House of Wisdom
4.  Caress of the Breeze
5. Road Goes Ever On
6.  The Lighthouse Dream
7.  Aelin’s Oath

Blistering.com’s David E. Gehlke hooked up with Quicksand Dream instrumentalist Patrick Backlund for an in-depth interview which can be read at this location.

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