Listenable Records Drops The Eyes Of A Traitor’s Breathless On American Soil Today

Nevermind the bullocks, here’s The Eyes Of A Traitor! Britain’s rage-aholic melodeath act, The Eyes Of A Traitor have released their second full-length, Breathless, in North America today (February 8th, 2011) via French metal powerhouse Listenable Records. Heralded for it’s sonically progressive and technically proficient brand of melodic death metal, Breathless is tailor-made for fans of everyone from Children Of Bodom to Messhuggah. Visit for details.


If their previous offering (“A Clear Perception”) was “the map”, then consider their upcoming release “Breathless” the buried-freaking-treasure! –

…a ferociously played, solidly written and passionately conceived record. –

This is an excellent album; tight, heavy and complex and most importantly it never outstays its welcome… –

These guys are not kidding around. Feel the urge to break things? If you answered yes then Breathless just might be for you. – Heavy Metal Time Machine

I understand there are always young people who are great musicians or prodigies, but the song structure, writing ability, and overall experienced sound these guys put out is really something you don’t see every day. –

British metal crew The Eyes Of A Traitor have always been a few steps ahead of their age bracket, signing to respected European label Listenable (Gojira, Textures) and releasing a debut album – 2009’s A Clear Perception – before a single member of the band was 18 years old.

Indeed, by the time they were just about averaging drinking age, The Eyes Of A Traitor found themselves touted by critics and fans alike for their youth-belying technical prowess, touring across the UK and Europe alongside the revered likes of Gojira, Your Demise, Emmure and The Chariot.

Whilst all this adds up to a pretty impressive resume for a metal band so young, these feats proved conducive to a pressure cooker environment when the time came for the Hertfordshire based quintet to create a new full length.

But, rather than crumbling under the pressures of following up a critically acclaimed debut and satiating their own creative urges to progress, The Eyes Of A Traitor positively thrived, stepping up to the task at hand and channelling the weight of their own expectations into their song-writing.

The result of this creative alchemy is the brazen heft of Traitor’s second album Breathless, a head pounding assembly of raw fury and cavernous grooves, militaristic precision and throttling urgency – its cocktail of contradictions and contrasts the explosive by-products of the challenges the band faced in its creation.

Recorded at Reading’s Outhouse Studios (Architects, Your Demise, Your Me At Six), Breathless sees The Eyes Of A Traitor leaving their would be peers choking on a dust cloud, the album a persuasive showcase of irresistible riffs, nuanced song-writing and intoxicating energy.

Jack Delany – Vocals
Matthew Pugh – Guitar
Steve Whitworth – Guitar
Jack Moulsdale – Bass
Sam Brennen – Drums

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