Vote for Glenn Tipton in the Total Guitar Greatest Metal Guitarist Poll!

UK magazine Total Guitar are running a poll to find the greatest metal guitarist ever and we are very proud to see that they have picked Glenn Tipton as one of the nominees!!

Click on the link below and vote for Glenn!!!

Glenn Tipton was born near Birmingham in England. The guitarist / songwriter / producer has earned worldwide acclaim as a member of Judas Priest for nearly forty years and in that time he has also released two solo albums. His name is synonymous with  Rock and  Heavy Metal and over the years his music has pioneered the way forward and helped  inspire, many young musicians and guitarists through their early years and into successful careers.

He joined Judas Priest in 1974 before the bands first album Rocka Rolla, and the chemistry that evolved within the band, ignited them to incredible success. Priest conquered the planet with its powerful, unique style of Heavy Metal and the groundbreaking quintet has flown high as the very epitome of metal ever since.

He has recorded two solo albums. On March 7, 2006, Rhino Records released a new version of his 1997 Atlantic Records album ‘Baptizm Of Fire’ (including two bonus tracks) as well as the Tipton, Enwistle and Powell album ‘Edge Of The World’ which consists of previously unreleased recordings with the late Cozy Powell and John Entwistle, which was laid down around the same time as ‘Baptizm Of Fire’

The following pages will give information of interest and hopefully answer many questions regarding Glenn’s activities, throughout the years, within and outside of Judas Priest.

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