SABATON: The Art of War Re-Issue Tracklisting!

Available for the first time in North America as non-imports, SABATON’s first four full-length albums will be re-issued by Nuclear Blast on April 14th, 2011. The thirteen songs on 2008’s The Art Of War (Re-Armed) will include four bonus tracks.

A Swedish power metal sextet that specializes in military history, SABATON bassist Pär Sundström discusses his relationship to Sun Tzu’s classic book of war strategy, his best memory from The Art Of War recording sessions, and why he believes “Cliffs Of Gallipoli” has secured its place in the band’s live set:

The Art Of War album is based upon and inspired by the book – or war manual – written by Sun Tzu. We carefully read through the book which describes strategies in war and then tried to find actual events where the strategies from the book were used. It was a lot of work, but very interesting. My personal best memory from the recording sessions is that the song ‘The Price Of A Mile’ just appeared out of nowhere. The song was not intended to be part of the album, but I am glad it became a part of it. The song ‘Cliffs Of Gallipoli’ is definitively one of SABATON’s strongest songs, both due to the musical part but also to the lyrical part. We were also invited to Gallipoli where we learned the history of this battle during the First World War on location, which made the song even more emotional for us.”

The track listing for The Art Of War (Re-Armed) is as follows:
01 Sun Tzu Says
02 Ghost Division
03 The Art Of War
04 40:1
05 Unbreakable
06 The Nature Of Warfare
07 Cliffs Of Gallipoli
08 Talvisota
09 Panzerkampf
10 Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict)
11 The Price Of A Mile
12 Firestorm
13 A Secret

Bonus Tracks:
14 Swedish Pagans
15 Glorious Land
16 Art Of War (Pre Production Demo)
17 Swedish National Anthem (Live at Sweden Rock Festival)

View the video for the song “The Price Of A Mile” (which has over 1 million views) here. The video for “Cliffs Of Gallipoli” is available here.

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