Jagermeister Music Tour Review

Steven Lee of Examiner.com wrote a review about the Jagermeister Music Tour hosted by Louisville’s Expo Five.  Here’s his review as follows…

On Wednesday night, Louisville’s Expo Five hosted the Jagermiester Music Tour with Buckcherry, featuring Hell Yeah, All That Remains, and The Damned Things. The music was excellent, the crowd was hype, and the Jagermiester girls toured the crowd, passing out larinets and presenting a tray of shots.

The Damned Things, a newer band consisting of members from Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die, and Anthrax (yes, a strange combination of musical talent), were available for autographs at their merchandise table signing autographs and selling their debut album for a mere $10.00. While introducing themselves on stage, the crowd went crazy at the announcement of Scott Ian from Anthrax. However, his role in the band was disappointing; his guitar solos were rare.

After The Damned Things, All That Remains, followed by Hell Yeah, performed in their typically amazing, fast-paced, and pure metal manner. The mosh pits arose frequently during these two sets, receiving much encouragement from vocalists Philip Labonte and Chad Gray. If you were unfortunate enough to miss this concert, these are definitely two bands that should be on your list of things to do.

When the headlining band Buckcherry came onto stage, the crowd and environment was changed drastically. Many of the attendees had already exited, having seen their desired bands, and the aggressiveness of the remaining audience disappeared. This is not surprising, however; the first three bands fall within the genre of metal while Buckcherry is considered to be rock or pop. Regardless, their performance was amazing and quite possibly the most impressive of the night. Lead guitarist Keith Nelson performed fierce guitar solos throughout the set, and Josh Todd’s improvised comments and high-energy kept the crowd thoroughly entertained. For those who enjoy a quality rock concert without the typically aggressive behavior of the more hardcore bands, Buckcherry is provides one of the greatest performances today.

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