Unholy To Streaming Entire Prosthetic Records Debut

The Syracuse, NY based metal act UNHOLY and their label Prosthetic Records are pleased to announce that New Life Behind Closed Eyes will be up streaming in its entirety on Lambgoat.com starting on Tuesday, May 5th. This gives fans and newcomers an entire week to listen to the full album before it is released on Tuesday, May 12th. And what better place to offer a full stream then Lambgoat.com, seeing as the Unholy’s debut release, Blood of the Medusa, was released through Lambgoat Records back in 2007.

New Life Behind Closed Eyes features the following track listing:

1. Seeker Immortal (currently streaming)
2. Children of Eternal Sleep
3. These Wounds Never Heal
4. Into The Flesh Of Another
5. The Blinding Light
6. Look To The Blood
7. No Faith
8. The Followers
9. Behind The Veil Of Darkness
10. New Life Behind Closed Eyes


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