Fen/De Arma Split Towards the Shores of the End Out Today On Nordvis Produktion

The face of black metal as we know it is set to change today (2.15.2011) as Nordvis Produktion unleashes the melancholic majesty that is Towards The Shores Of The End upon the world. Featuring two of today’s most compelling acts in UK’s FEN and Sweden’s DE ARMA, this split promises to deliver some of the most cerebral and darkly emotive music set to tape. Stereogum.com recently posted one of FEN’s contributions, “Towards the Shores of the End” at ¬†this location. For more details or to order Towards The Shores Of The End, visit www.nordvis.com.

After two years Fen return once again with 4 magnificent tracks of well composed melancholy.  With a breathtaking sound image that dives into fathomless oceans and sweeps endless horizons this is without doubt one of their strongest and most promising compositions up to date..

..De Arma follows close behind, taking you on a solitary journey into oblivion. ¬†Delivering 3 tracks of a more straight forward approach, from monotone grey to groovy elements and into the dark… Be sure to experience this release, because if you don’t, you will miss out on an fantastic voyage!

Praise for Towards Shores Of The End:

“This split is another must have for fans of the more progressive end of the black metal genre. It’s another stunning release that is sure to end up on many people’s best of lists and while splits aren’t typically regarded as highly as full lengths, Towards the Shores of the end deserves to be.” – CosmoGaming.com

“A captivating release, showcasing 2 highly atmospherically charged bands, each different in its style, but both none the less electrifying.” – Battlehelm

“Fen…dense, meandering and melodic black/dark metal with post-whatever overtones, perfect to dream and drift along with. To that extent, De Arma makes for a great companion, as they perform with a similar, evocative atmosphere that differs primarily in the more rasped vocals and traditional streaming of black metal currents in the guitar lines. Towards the Shores of the End is a good release, showcasing two good bands.”

From the Dust Returned [Rating: 7/10]

“Why Fen isn’t being namedropped in the same instances as Wolves in the Throne Room or Alcest is beyond me. Heavy on the Goth/Black Metal vibe that does wonders for the whole affair. In no way a new Katatonia but give it time and we might see this one lurking up there to push the old masters of their pedestal. Frankly, I feel like I’m cheating myself of a good listening time writing this review.” – Currents-Online

“The seven tracks featured within are magnificent and ambitious in scope. both entities bring their own distinct brand of melancholy and sheer desolation to the proceedings. Over 50 minutes of grim, magnificent artistry from two of the very best from the Black Metal underground.”– Highwire Daze

“Fen is clearly continuing their musical journey with these 4 songs. I am even more excited for Epoch after hearing this split. Along with the Agalloch influence, there is the ever-growing progressive rock and post-punk/goth influence. [De Arma] produce solid atmospheric black metal with a great overall feel which is definitely a good compliment to Fen’s half. The riffs are a good mix of the standard trem-picked Darkthrone-inspired rhetoric and honest, creative black metal.” – The Inarguable Webzine


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