Job For A Cowboy is currently holed up at Audiohammer Studios with the incredibly lovable Jason Suecof for a new EP the band is recording. From the looks of the photos the band is posting on their Facebook page (seen above), it looks like a fun time is being had by all. Here is what frontman Jonny Davy had to say about the new music:

“It felt like a long time since we last got together to write new material,” comments Job For A Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy. “After collaborating in the snow of Boston, we’re now recording our second EP. It feels good to be in Florida with Jason, Ron and Eyal of Audio Hammer studios. JFAC 2.0 is on the way.”

Anybody who saw the band on their most recent tour with Skeletonwitch could put the pieces together that Brent Riggs and Bobby Thompson are no longer a part of the band, which is most likely why Jonny made the JFAC 2.0 reference, as he is now the only original member left in the band. Rumor has it that former Despised Icon guitarist Ben Landreville will be filling the role of second guitarist. We’ll find out soon enough. The band is planning to hit the road in the Spring.

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