CONDEMNED?: New Album Available for Streaming!

Northern CA based crossover veterans CONDEMNED? have made their new album available for streaming in its entirety at:

CONDEMNED? will release their brand new album entitled Condemned 2 Death on February 11 in Europe and March 8 in North America. The album was recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios with producer Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, MR. BUNGLE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, CATHEDRAL, EYEHATEGOD etc.). As an added bonus, the release will include a second disc of rarities from the band including their long out of print Nuclear Blast release Humanoid or Biomechanoid?.

Condemned 2 Death Track Listing:
(Disc 1)

1. Big Time Game Hunting
2. Aggressive System
3. Thoughts of Equality
4. Practicing for War
5. Crutch
6. Anti-social
7. Cavern in Mind
8. Cleansing Pool
9. Emotional Blurr
10. Crucified
11. Ocean
12. Save Thy Brother
13. D-Day
14. When Worlds Collide

(Disc 2)
California 2 Downunder

1. Intro
Condemned to Death 1983-84
2. Gartland’s Pit
3. Pain of Mind
4. Media Control
5. Dismember Me
6. Blood River (Scotty-VERBAL ABUSE/HOLLYWOOD HATE First vocal appearance)
7. The Assassin (Scotty)
8. Bang Your Maidenhead
9. Wired
Death Sentence 1985
10. Condemned 2 Death Sentence
Humanoid or Biomechanoid?
11. Big Time Game Hunting
12. Emotional Blurr
13. Crutch
14. A Cavern In Time
15. Icy Minds
16. When Worlds Collide
17. Satan’s Sandals
18. Tidal Wave
19. Face Yourself
20. Humanoid or Biomechanoid?
Condemned/Attitude 1987
21. Homeless Crew
22. No Boundaries
23. 3rd World Child
Live-Senseless Death comp.
24. No Blind Power
25. D-Day
26. Deadly Euphoria
27. Big Time
28. River of Life
29. Movement
30. Fool’s Fable
30. Outro

CONDEMNED? recently re-signed with their former label Nuclear Blast Records. As the second band to ever be released by Nuclear Blast the label is honored to be once again working with one of the groups that helped get them up and running.

Watch a preview of the new album at the following location

“CONDEMNED? is a nostalgic connection for me and it is a pleasure to go somewhat back to our roots,” commented Nuclear Blast founder and owner Markus Staiger. “Nuclear Blast’s 2nd release ever (NB002) from 1987 was the bands debut. Now the band continues mixing the past with the present for a new release, plus a bonus compilation that will include their debut album Humanoid or Biomechanoid?! CONDEMNED? stands for old school raw metallic hardcore and combines the feeling of late 80’s cross-over/punk-metal, with some brutal and melodic touches. The USHC legends have recorded 14 tracks especially for this release, some are new recordings from when they were USHC legends ATTITUDE!”

CONDEMNED? added in an official statement: “We are excited to be re-signing with Nuclear Blast! Markus launched our first album in Europe as his 2nd release ever in 1987! He started as we did, ‘doing it yourself’ for the music and the scene. Our latest double CD release with Nuclear Blast has 14-new recordings fresh from the forge, produced by Billy Anderson and CONDEMNED? The bonus disc is a time-line from 1983-1993 covering all the different incarnations over the years.

We definitely have diverse roots, growing up in the S.F. Bay Area! Founded during the 80’s Hard-core/Thrash Metal scene we bridged the two, plus we are influenced by the European punk-movement and S.F’s Acid rock past. We bridged all styles, so we could to stay unique! The latest release reflects both the past and the present.”

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