Apochs.net Now Streaming Two Tracks From MONSTERWORK’s The God Album

Holding true to a mission statement that promises to keep their readers informed of the very best today’s metal has to offer (and to weed out the worst) underground metal webzine Apochs.net is now streaming two tracks from Monsterwork’s forthcoming release, The God Album. Point your browser over to www.apochs.net/Exclusive/Monsterworks.html for an exclusive sneak peek of “Everything You Believe Is A Lie” and “God” before the record hits the street on February 28th. Go here to check out Apochs’ comprehensive review of The God Album.

M  O  N  S  T  E  R  W  O  R  K  S

Image is Nothing; Metal is Everything.

The entity known as Monsterworks began as a death metal organism (metallicum necronominominom) spawned in a primordial swamp and went on to evolve into the sophisticated supermetal machine (uber-ferrous tonka) it is today in the fleeting span of 3.5 billion years.  This incubation period has resulted in a genus that communicates through an intriguing musical blend borrowing from the best of proto-thrash, death and traditional metal.

Consisting of Hugo (bass), James (drums), Marcus (lead guitar) and Jon (guitar/vocals), Monsterworks has thrown all its collective experience into a new and ambitious slab of granite joy: The God Album; a philosophical journey navigating the woes of religion and its implications for the modern world.  Monsterworks has been described as “thinking man’s metal”, a label to be proud of insofar as one can distinguish the message among the roaring and screaming that characterizes its sound.

Vocalist Jon (also vocalist/lyricist for Chicago based metal band The Living Fields) says “since the release of our heavy metal space adventure concept albums: Spacial Operations and Singularity, I was intrigued with the idea of ‘themed’ records rather than straight narrative stories.  This new album has something to say from a few different angles and I hope it will reinforce the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of blind faith.  We live in an age of great technological achievement, yet a significant part of the populations of supposedly modern industrialised nations believe that the Earth is six thousand years old.  There is something profoundly bizarre about that.  It is worth having a cup of tea or a few beers and pondering whilst listening to The God Album.”

Monsterworks has been compared with Strapping Young Lad, 3 Inches of Blood, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Death Angel.

Everything You Believe is a Lie



The Enemy of My Enemy


False Miracle


Let It Go

(Hymn of) Fire

The God Album is released through Casket Music on 28 February 2011 (UK) and 8 March 2011 (USA), distributed by PHD worldwide.

Check out “Let It Go” from The God Album at:


Recent Press Quotes:

“Singularity is neither as pompous nor as fiddly and masturbatory as such things can have a tendency to be. It is both expansive and dextrously performed but there’s also a deceptively simple, resolutely heavy base from which their more progressive ideas can tangent. The more aggressive elements take in churning death metal and huge rolling grooves, all tempered by spaced out flashes of invention.” KKKK – KERRANG!

“Death, power and snatches of black metal come screaming out of the ether as the London outfit march fearlessly into SYL territory.” 8/10 – Terrorizer

“2112 for the download generation. Yes – it’s that good.” – CLASSIC ROCK

“A chaotic holocaust of a sound with vocals that are shrieked, hollered, wailed and roared, guitars that cut through with the power of an A-bomb, rhythms that are positively industrial and an overall sound that’s absolutely monstrous, …. just incredible.”


Official website:  www.supermetal.net

Myspace:   www.myspace.com/monsterworks

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/monsterworks

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