Darkest Hour Premieres “Savor the Kill” Music Video

Darkest Hour Premieres "Savor the Kill" Music Video on ARTISTdirect.com - It's a dark and twisted fairytale....

  • ARTISTdirect.com has partnered up with our favorite Washington, DC metal riot starters Darkest Hour for the premiere of the video for “Savor the Kill,” the lead single from their room-demolishing, eardrum shattering and tectonic plate shifting new album, The Human Romance, which is their first volley for new label eOne.

Against the backdrop of bone liquefying music, the video features a hot chick in a white dress and another hot chick in a magenta dress. Both are in the woods. There are wolves, and footage of the band performing. There is also some blood. It’s almost like a dark, twisted, perverted fairytale, set to metallic riffage that will force you to bang your head involuntarily. That’s all the detail we’ll share – it’s up to you to watch it now and piece together your own perception of what’s going on in the video for “Savor the Kill.”

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