IWrestledABearOnce Prepares “You Ain’t No Family” Video. Rawr.

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, in preparation for the release of their upcoming opus Iit’s All Happening, is putting the finishing touches on their new music video for “You Aint No Family” with director David Anthony of Ocular Intrusions, who’s also credited for the bands breakthrough video for “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon”.

“This video is going to destroy the last one for ‘Tastes Like Kevin Bacon’,” says guitarist Steven Bradley.  “This time around we invited our friends and fans to come hang out at a bar in Atlanta with us for a drunken dance-off! It has a she-male, a dance contest, a fog machine, and a bartender who spits in my face… All the key ingredients for an award-winning masterpiece! Steven adds, “David is just as insane as us, we can’t wait to get this thing finished for all to see!”

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