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You can add another chapter to Massachusetts’ notoriously incestuous metal and hardcore scene as members of Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage have united to form a new side project called Death Ray Vision. The group reunites Shadows Fall vocalist Brian Fair with Overcast mates, Mike D’Antonio, who plays bass for Killswitch, and guitarist Pete Cortese, who also played briefly in KsE. Cortese also played in Seemless with Jesse Leach, who was the original KsE vocalist and is now on tour with Times of Grace with KsE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. Still with us? Good. Death Ray Vision, which is planning to record a four-song demo and is lining up some northeastern U.S. shows, also includes former Cannae drummer Colin Conway and guitarist Zack Wells, who runs Born of Fire, a Boston-based indie label that hosts the city’s best weekly metal night. Fair announced the formation of the band on his Facebook page and promised the band will be “bringing a sound based on our old school influences (Cro-Mags, Integrity, Leeway, Ringworm, etc.)”

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New Shadows Fall/Killswitch Side Project

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