Zakk Wylde’s Helping Hand for Godsized

Unsigned band Godsized’s brass neck gives them the chance of lifetime

Fish: Zakk’s new buddy (pic courtesy of

According to Eric MacKinnon of Godsized guitarist Neil Fish has revealed how a chance meeting and a brass neck earned his band the chance to open for metal giants Black Label Society across Europe.  The unsigned band met BLS mainman Zakk Wylde at the High Voltage Festival last July and passed him a copy of their CD.  They thought nothing more of it until they had a call from the band’s management offering them the chance to open for the band on their current European tour.

Fish admits it is a dream come true for the fledgling four-piece while he also reveals they have Wylde’s 16-year-old son Jesse to thank for the opportunity of a lifetime.  Fish exclusively told RockAAA:

“It’s amazing, a bit of a rags-to-riches thing. Zakk is someone whose music I have followed for a long time and he is an absolute music legend.

“We managed to get a CD to him at the High Voltage Festival and that kind of got the ball rolling.  Our management was there with Gav our bass player but it’s one of those things you never think anything of.  Apparently the general rule of thumb is he gives CDs to his 16-year-old son Jesse and if he digs it he gives it back to his Dad and that’s what happened.
“His management then got in touch with our management and said they wanted to do something with us and asked us if we wanted to do the UK leg of the tour.

“Then a week later I had a call from my manager who asked me if I was sitting down before telling me they wanted us do the whole of Europe too for a six week tour.  In America, Black Label were touring with three other bands in Clutch, Two Cents and Children of Bodom.  But here in Europe it is just us, which is incredible.  I didn’t think the music industry worked like that anymore and was all so corporate but Zakk calls the shots and dances to his own tune no matter who the record label is.

“I think the lesson for everyone here is just to take a shot.  The worst that can happen is your CD is used as a coaster but cool people like that still exist in the music industry.”

The tour is only three shows in so far but Wylde has already made the English metallers feel like part of the family.
Fish continued:

“All the band have checked out the show so far and we’ve seen them all at the side of the stage which can be a little bit daunting but it’s cool.  We didn’t even know ho much interaction there would be between the bands as they are a serious band.  If they wanted to they could stay in their dressing room or on the tour bus and never bother with us but Zakk made the effort straight away to come over and talk with us for over half an hour.  He was doing Ozzy Osbourne impressions every five-seconds, and he is dangerously good at it.  Zakk is just completely down-to-earth and a really cool guy.”

Remarkably Godsized remain unsigned but Fish says the band are planning on releasing a full length debut album – when they find the time.  He added:

“The album is inevitable for us and is something we need to do.  We have a packaged EP on this tour, two EPs remastered and redone, but everyone comes up and asks us when the album is coming out.  But at the same time if we come off this tour at the end of March then something else cool comes up we have to do it.  We know the festival bookings are coming in and we’ll be busy there so it’s trying to find the time to slot it in.”

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