RATT Drummer Slams PEARCY For ‘Butchering’ Band’s Music, Engaging In ‘Lies And Deception’

RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer has slammed the band’s lead singer, Stephen Pearcy, for allegedly choosing to resume his solo career this year while Blotzer and other members of the group pursue other projects. In a series of posts on his Facebook page, Bobby writes, “Congrats to Sullivan Bigg’s agency [Bigg Time Entertainment] and the Stephen Pearcy solo band adventure on the first solo show for his HUGE forthcoming 2011 tour, and the lucky 52 people that got to hear RATT‘s music butchered. Poor promoter! And asking for a rider and his two packs of smokes on top of the monster drawing power? LOL, priceless.

“All will be told in my new book. I’ll tell you this, though: I’m sick of the lies and deception from the whole lot of them in this band. And guess what, who owns the name? Two right now…

“Look, guys, yes, I’m obviously really burnt and pissed here, yes. But I want RATT to be RATT. With all of us. I’m tired of rolling a snowball up hill to build the snowman. I’m also not doing this as a promo for this new book. Happens to be falling at the same time. It’s all about the love of playing for you guys year in year out, and having a great job, with job security. Every single year I’m re-building this band.”

Pearcy revealed last November that was planing to enter the studio soon to begin work on his fourth solo album. He said, “Expect the unexpected, It’s time to pull out all the stops on this one, no fuckin’ around. We’ve got more than enough material, and the material is ass-kicking! There’s a couple songs that should have been on [RATT‘s latest album’ ‘Infestation’, that’s for sure, [but] stubbornness and politics prevented that. But there’s a reason for everything.”

He added, “I’d also like to get a song with Carlos (Cavazo; RATT guitarist, who co-wrote ‘Eat Me Up Alive’ and ‘Best Of Me’ with Pearcy for RATT‘s ‘Infestation’) in there . . . With new management, I’ve got a full plate at the moment for 2011, and wouldn’t have it any other way at this time.”

“Infestation”, the first studio record in 11 years from RATT, sold around 14,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 30 on the Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released on April 20 via Loud & Proud.

“Infestation” was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (CHEVELLE, ALTER BRIDGE) at his Virginia studio, marking the first time the band has recorded outside of Los Angeles. The album is full of attitude and of reflection, cycling through a range of emotions. There are party anthems that RATT are known for alongside more contemplative, thoughtful tunes.

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