Get Your Alcohol on with SignMeTo Thor’s Day Picks

It’s Thursday again and you know that means it’s my job to pick the week’s features at SignMeTo! We’ve got an excellent contest for unsigned bands sending them to a real showcase, melting thrash from Montreal, and an interesting tag set for you to take a look at.


Jeremy Rosen
Director, Digital Platforms & Web Sites

The Road to Full Metal Texas Contest
This year we partnered with the premiere metal showcase which occurs every March in Austin, Texas. Full Metal Texas and Roadrunner Records will pick one lucky band to open the show and win $1000. Read the announcement for details.

Alcoholator: Montreal Thrash
This booze-fueled set of maniacs will truly inspire you to destroy your liver, your ear holes, and other parts of your body as well. Get ready for a refreshing glass of Alcoholator.

Steven Seagal Smashing Your Face With A Cue Ball In A T-Shirt
Yes…there’s a tag for that.Share on Facebook

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