BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD: More Details Surface About Their Imminent Return

We already know that our favorite boneheaded duo, Beavis & Butthead are confirmed to be returning this Summer with all new first-run episodes on MTV. Now, Rolling Stone has unearthed new information on what fans could expect from the show:

The new show, which debuts later this year, will be very familiar to fans of the Nineties original. “They’ll be self-contained segments with the boys in different situations like they used to be,” Toffler says. “But this time around, they’ll watch Jersey Shore, UFC matches and user-generated videos from YouTube, in addition to music videos.” All of the programming will be displayed on the duo’s TV, even if it comes from YouTube — “like silly videos of cats playing music.”

When I first read that they would be offering their commentary to Jersey Shore episodes and the like, I was a little taken a back. Then I realized that the producers realized barely anybody makes music videos anymore, and they’d probably run out of material really quick, so they had to change it up. Ultimately, more Beavis & Butthead in any way is good for me. And, MTV is hinting a lot is on the way:

“It will be much more viral this time around,” MTV president Van Toffler says. “We’re going to plant seeds of the characters throughout social-media networks like Face­book and Twitter, in addition to traditional programming on television and, potentially, in theaters.”

Does this mean Beavis & Butthead will have Twitter accounts? Do Beavis and/or Butthead even know how to use a computer/spell? I guess we’ll find out this Summer! [via RollingStone]


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