MUNICIPAL WASTE Excited For Scion Rock Fest Appearance

MUNICIPAL WASTE will be taking part in this year’s annual Scion Rock Fest, Saturday March 5th in Pomona, CA. The Waste will be a headliner at the Glass House show which also features veteran bands DEATH ANGEL, IMMOLATION, ATHIEST, BONDED BY BLOOD and more. Frontman, Tony Foresta has written up a brief update about the eagerly awaited Scion Fest and other things going on in the world of MUNICIPAL WASTE: “We’ve been taking a break from touring since our last run through Europe in December. We feel its much deserved after many years of relentless touring and gigging all over the place. Now were just hanging around with our friends and families jamming with our other bands and writing new Waste songs. We’re in the early stages of writing a new album about 5 songs deep and are planning to play very few gigs this year.

The stuff we do have scheduled is pretty exciting –the Scion Fest in California with Morbid Angel, Bastard Noise, Death Angel and Integrity as well as many others is one of those gigs. I’m pretty stoked about all the bands especially Integrity. I used to be scared of that Dwid guy when I was younger Haha. Morbid Angel is great too and Death Angel is one of the best live thrash bands I’ve ever seen.

What I’m really hopping to transpire out of that weekend is for Scion to give The Waste some cars. That would be really nice of them huh? Even just one car that all of the Waste members can share. I can get behind that. I wouldn’t mind Dave driving me around to get groceries every once in a while. I mean cmon we’ve been doing videos, gigs and all sorts of whoring ourselves out for them for a while now and I just figure its about time Toyota steps it up a notch and hooks a brotha up with some wheels. Hell I’ll even take one of those funky boxy looking ones. I mean think about how pissed off Jay Randell would be if he looks out the window and see’s the Waste rolling by in a fleet of free and luxurious Scion xB’s. He will Tweet so hard about that. Shit they should just hook us up for that idea alone. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah that Fest in California. So were going to play that. I’m going to headwalk during Systems Overload.” The Scion Rock Fest will take place on Saturday March 5th from 4 PM to 12 AM over 4 stages at Pomona, CA‘s Glass House and Fox Theater. More info on this highly anticipated show can be found at MUNICIPAL WASTE‘s latest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE is available now worldwide. Get your copy in the USA at MySpace: Twitter:

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