Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay’s “Devolution” – It’s an Earful!

Czech grindcore greats MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY released their third full length album, Devolution, late last year through United Guttural. The album showcases 14 new recordings, all of which require your complete attention.

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1. Requiem for a Fury

2. Rumiste DC

3. Devolution 02:42

4. Guys who are falling in the end

5. Machinka

6. Doctor from Mountains

7. Languish

8. Sea of Weakness

9. Blind

10. Drunken Mara

11. Kacenka

12. Shit Song

13. Lamentation 2:24

14. Heterosexual Testosterone Compressor (CBT cover)

MINCING FURY… reformed last year with their strongest lineup yet: Reef (SPINELESS FUCKERS), Milcunt, Motorak (DISGUSTING and C.O.N.), Had, and Zahradnik (ANAALIA). Their unique brand of grind encompasses technicality, brutality, progressiveness and bizarreness all delivered with precision and is amazingly memorable. Downtuned and super heavy guitars, dual vocals ranging from deep guttural belches to brain piercing screams, and ball crushing bass with blasting / fusion percussion make for amazing listen.

The new album conceptually captures the essence of the band’s progression since its inception. There are five new tracks followed by re-recordings of selected songs from each previous release, plus a bonus cover of CBT’s “Heterosexual Testosterone Compressor.” The new album was recorded at Studio Davos in Vyskov, Czech Republic (PIGSTY, D.E.O.A.G., ANAALIA, SPINELESS FUCKERS, OPITZ, HEAVING EARTH, TAXIDERMIST etc…).



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