PAGAN’S MIND: New Song To Debut On ‘The Metal Madman’

A brand new song from the upcoming PAGAN’S MIND album will make its online debut on Wednesday, March 2 between 7 and 10 p.m. EST on “The Metal Madman” radio show.

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PAGAN’S MIND‘s follow-up to 2007’s “God’s Equation” was mixed last fall by Stefan Glaumann at Toytown Studios (RAMMSTEIN, MADONNA, WITHIN TEMPTATION) in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a recent interview with, PAGAN’S MIND singer Nils K. Rue stated about the band’s forthcoming CD, “I’m really really excited. I have great belief in it, I think the material is extremely strong and that it represent sort of a ‘comeback’ (since it been over three years since ‘God’s Equation’). I am sure both fans of PAGAN’S MIND and people who haven’t heard us before will appreciate it a lot.”

Regarding the musical direction of the new album, Nils said, “There is no doubt it sounds like PAGAN’S MIND, as I believe we have a very distinct sound. It’s heavy, melodic and at times intricate — but on the other hand we have shaken off some of the most extreme progressive elements, setting songwriting and melody in total focus. It’s atmospheric, very catchy, very heavy, very good.”

On the topic of the new CD’s lyrical themes, Nils said, “We’re inspired by mystisicm and ‘the unknown,’ as always, but this time the lyrics also deal with stuff everyone can relate to. Our lyrics is often metaphorical, which allows the listener to make up their own opinion on the words and meaning — and make it their own personal ‘story.’ By making the music a little bit more ‘straight in your face,’ this time so is the lyrics. Nevertheless, the ‘sworn PAGAN’S MIND fan’ won’t be disappointed — there are enough mystic stuff here to blow your mind. To give an example, on a lyric that deals with ‘reality,’ there are several, but some of the songs has a positive message that tells to believe in yourself and is upbuilding in terms of self-esteem and the power of will, and yourself.”

PAGAN’S MIND‘s latest album, “God’s Equation”, in 2007 entered the Norwegian domestic chart (featuring only Norwegian artists) at position No. 14. It also landed on the international chart (featuring all artists) at No. 35. The CD, which was released in the U.S. in January 2008, was recorded by Espen Mjøen at his Mediamaker Studio in Skien, Norway, and mixed at Toy Town Studios in Stockholm by Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN).

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