LACUNA COIL Demoing Material, Preparing To Enter Studio

In a brand new video message to the members of the LACUNA COIL fan community, the Italian band’s frontwoman Christina Scabbia reveals that the group is currently demoing material and is preparing to go into the studio “soon” to begin recording its new album for a late 2011 release via Century Media Records.

In a recent interview with U.K.’s Kerrang! magazine, Scabbia stated about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the group’s follow-up to 2009’s “Shallow Life”, “We learned so much from making “Shallow Life” and working with a different producer [Don Gilmore; LINKIN PARK, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE] gave us a great starting point for this record. We want to bring everything we have to the table and just explore that. We’re more inspired by the dark side of life than anything else right now, and I’m pretty sure the new album will be darker and heavier because of that.”

When asked how the new material is sounding, Cristina said, “It’s still a rock sound. I like the direction we took on ‘Shallow Life’ and this is going to be in that vein. I still love metal to death, but at this point I like rock more. I like being able to bring different things that are not necessarily from metal to the album because I like the contamination between sounds. I like that music is always evolving and that you can be free to take sounds and mix them together.”

Regarding whether there are any other surprises in store, Cristina said, “At this stage I actually don’t know. We don’t plan that, because in some ways I like to stay with that classic sound and in some other ways I like to do something completely different and surprise people. I’ve learned over the years that you cannot make everyone happy. If you stay classic, there will be some who say you’re not innovative, and if you’re innovative, people will complain that you sold out or you went off the rails. I can honestly say I don’t care anymore. We want to be free to do whatever we want. We love rock and roll and we love metal, but we don’t want to put any limitations on what we might make.”

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