LEKAMEN ILLUSIONEN KALLET Returns With “The Second Wind”

Always expect the unexpected: after four years of delusive calm, something stirs in the wide outback of Northern Sweden, a wind rises up and sweeps over the land – Lekamen Illusionen Kallet (LIK) is back with a new album entitled The Second Wind, wayward as always!

The album will be released on March 28, 2011 through Nordvis Produktion.

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1. The Other Realm

2. Death Breeder

3. Ed Ånger

4. The Delusionist

5. Insjunken

6. A Filthy Ride

7. Kallad till Bortgång

8. The Second Wind

Withal something has changed on behalf of the seemingly eccentric mossback after he had recorded the first three conceptually interwoven and far from easily accessible albums. “Before the rebirth of LIK I chose to change the band’s name and the whole meaning of LIK just to point out that a development has occurred in the band,” the creative musician explains who finally clinched the change of his pseudonym from Graav to Stoif – a name for “a more balanced figure that sees with both eyes, listens with both ears, breathe with both lungs and lives wholehearted.”

Meanwhile not that much has changed within the raw, almost sparse sound impression of LIK although it clinks a bit more inviting. “Lekamen Illusionen Kallet is my interpretation of how Norrländsk Blackrock should sound like,” Stoif says straight out and likewise forthright sound

the eight new songs which combine influences from dirty rock, primordial thrash as well as rustic blackened metal to hypnotic and anything but hasty arrangements which sound absolutely natural.

This is music of the self-imposed outsider enjoying the hinterland whose ostensibly barren character reflects in the songs. But, similar to Lönndom, there’s more beneath the music which won’t unfold on casual listening. It’s not a storm; it’s a fresh wind that doesn’t invite by far anybody to travel with him… “Good bye obscurity” sings Stoif in the song “Death Breeder.” To relate this to LIK would lead astray.

An LP edition ofThe Second Wind will be released by Eisenwald (Germany) and comes with:

– LP outer-jacket with black-silver ink on a noble bordeaux red cardboard

– Solid vinyl housed in a cardboard inner bag + A2 poster

– Coloured vinyl edition



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