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Following the proper re-releases of “From Beale Street to Oblivion” and “Robot Hive/Exodus”, Weathermaker Music is proud to announce our third re-issue of a classic Clutch album! The expanded 2CD Blast Tyrant deluxe package hits retail outlets, online stores, and digital download providers on April 26th, 2011.

In addition to the incredible new packaging layout, this deluxe edition contains 25 songs/95 minutes of studio recordings beginning with classics “Mercury”, “Profits of Doom”, “The Mob Goes Wild”, “Cypress Grove”, etc. What separates this re-issue from any other, is the inclusion of the brand new Clutch studio CD “Basket of Eggs”. More than just a bonus disc, “Basket…” contains a mixture of 10 brand new and/or never before released tracks such as “Box Car Shorty’s Confession”, “Walpole Man”, & “Cattle Car”. The disc also features reworked acoustic versions of Clutch classics “The Regulator”, “Tight Like That” & “Drink to the Dead”. This “Blast Tyrant” deluxe reissue with 2 CDs, 25 studio tracks and over 95 minutes of music will be available for the fan-friendly price of $15.98 on April 26, 2011.

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Missing Stream?

Lastly, it has come to our attention that the link for Volume 4 of our inaugural Weathermaker Music Podcast leads to an abbreviated transmission of approx. 41 minutes. While that might be normal (or even lengthy) for some podcasts, our Volume 4 was timed at just under 107 minutes. With that said, we’re currently investigating the disappearance of 66 minutes of quality stream!  Stay tuned for a fixed Volume 4 with the quickness.

Brand new CLUTCH music clip & “Slow Roll” production video

Here’s a short & sweet musical treat from Clutch, Weathermaker Music, and Indiemerch.com.  Experience  a real behind the scenes look at the creation of our new ”Slow Roll” tour shirt design, which is being sold for under $20 at Clutchmerch.com and on the Clutch/Motorhead/Valient Thorr  North American Tour.
Check out this brand new production video (link), which not only gives you a bird’s eye view of the manufacturing process, but also FEATURES a 1:30 clip from one of the first new Clutch studio recordings in almost two years. The song is called “Boxcar Shorty’s Confession” and will be one of the 10 tracks on the Blast Tyrant (re-issue) bonus CD titled “Basket of Eggs”, in stores this spring!

….and check back here in the next day or two, as we’ll post instructions on how to  join the first ever Clutch mobile mailing list!
Lastly, just a reminder that the innaugural WEATHERMAKER MUSIC PODCAST VOLUME 4 will stream right here on FEB  7th!
Stay Clean Gnome Enthusiast!

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