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Shauna O'Donnell

Shauna O’Donnell, contributing writer for www.MuenMagazine.net, TheGauntlet.com, Lushbeat.com, HeadBanger.Net, RavenneStRecords.com, and FullMetalHippie recently conducted an interview with Tim Sult of Clutch.  Interview went as follows…

Shauna talks with Clutch guitarist Tim Sult about touring with Motorhead and the current state of the music industry.


Hi Tim, thanks for chatting with me. How are you today? I’m good, how are you?

I’m doing really good. Currently you are on a North American tour with Motorhead and Valient Thor. How have the crowds been? The crowds have been absolutely amazing. They are totally receptive to our riffs every night.

You have toured with Motorhead before and you go well together. What is it like being on tour with them? I would say that Motorhead is probably my personal favorite band to open for because they are awesome and their fans are true music fans. They are not people that are there for the flavor of the month. I would say that the crowds between this time and the last time that we played with them have been really different. We toured with them in 2006 in England and the crowd was a lot older then. There were a lot of old school Motorhead fans. Now that it is 2011 and in the U.S., it seems like there are a lot of younger people who are into Motorhead.

Has anything out of the ordinary happened on the tour so far? No, everyone is pretty mellow on this tour. My whole goal on this tour is to not drink even close to the amount that I drank the last time we toured with Motorhead. It’s working out I think. I’m going to say it’s working out.

Throughout the years, in your opinion, what were the most successful tours that you have been on and how do they compare to now? Luckily, for some reason, we have been having great shows for the last ten years or so. Honestly, there hasn’t been a show in recent memory that hasn’t been great. We are lucky enough to go out and play shows all over the world and people will come to see us. Maybe they’re not the biggest shows ever, but I love playing live anytime. It’s the greatest thing ever. I don’t really look at tours as being successful or not successful because the last thirty tours we’ve done have been beyond successful.

The tour ends March 11th in Los Angeles. In between the dates with Motorhead you are also doing some headlining gigs as well, right? Correct.

Is it tough trying to do both? Oh no, it’s really easy. Motorhead has a lot of days off, so we fill in those dates with our own headlining shows. It’s just like doing a normal tour.

What are the plans after the tour is over? Will you spend most of 2011 out on the road? No, I think we are probably going to spend most of 2011 writing the next Clutch album. As far as touring goes, we are doing a few weeks worth of dates in June and then we have talked about maybe doing August as well at this point. Other than that we have nothing planned at this point. We are just going to be writing.


On March 29th you will be releasing a deluze double disc re-issue of you album Blast Tyrant. The first disc is just the regular album. On the bonus disc there are six songs that are demo versions of other songs that are on Blast Tyrant. Originally we were going to record an acoustic Clutch album.

We had been doing a Clutch acoustic set over the summer of 2010, so after that we went into the studio thinking we were going to do an acoustic album. It would include acoustic versions of older material and a few new songs.

We went in, recorded those songs and just decided that we were going to use the older, re-worked Clutch acoustic songs for the Blast Tyrant bonus disc instead of putting out a Clutch acoustic album. That is where the acoustic songs come from, basically they come from an aborted Clutch acoustic album that was recorded very recently. The other songs are demo versions of tracks that are on Blast Tyrant.

How are things going with your indie label Weathermaker? Unbelievably great!

Have you added any bands yet, or is it still just Clutch? We have actually been talking about putting out our manager’s old hardcore band’s discography. We may do that, but we’re not really actively trying to sign bands. We don’t want to ruin anybodies lives as much as record companies have ruined our lives. We hired one guy to do it all, we do nothing except make the music. The most important part of having a record company is having good distribution. We have distribution through RED/Sony and we have absolutely no complaints whatsoever as to how things are going with that.


I was talking to someone today who told me that he thought the music industry was getting worse everyday. It’s getting worse for people who depended on the music industry like producers and the record companies. Things changed and the bands have to be more involved in their own careers or they’re just going to go away, disappear and no one is going to care. These days people decide what bands they like by going to see them live. If they see a band live and they like it, then they are going to become a fan.

In your opinion, because you guys have been around for over twenty years, is it more effective as far as creating awareness for the band to use the internet or go out and play shows? We are actually from a time before the internet. It seems to me like a lot of the younger bands use the internet these days to be able to play shows, so that’s a good thing. As far as what we did, we just went out, toured and didn’t stop. We opened for as many bands and as many different kinds of bands that we could. I think that’s still to this day what separates the real bands from the big bands.

Are you still doing your side project Lionize? I wouldn’t exactly consider it my side project because they are their own band and I kind of played with them. I’m always up for playing with those guys. They are doing the Warped Tour this year, so I may play a few shows with them. I did play on both of their albums, so I guess I could be considered part of the band.

Thanks so much to the interview It was fun talking with you again. I don’t really feel like I’m doing an interview, I just feel like I’m talking to a friend.

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