TIMO TOLKKI’s ‘Saana Warrior of Light Part 1’ and the DEFACED’s ‘Anomaly’ Available Today on Scarlet Records


Italian Metal Powerhouse Scarlet Records has unleashed their first two releases of 2011 in the North American Market.  They are TIMO TOLKKI’S “Saana – Warrior of Light Part 1” and THE DEFACED’S “Anomaly”.  This is the first time that both albums have been available in North America.  In conjunction with the release of both albums, AOL music is currently hosting full album listening parties for both albums.  Check them both out at http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds

“Saana – Warrior Of Light” is the first rock opera composed by TIMO TOLKKI. It took over a year to make, with the working hours totalling close to 3000. Mixing conventional rock instruments with choirs, classical percussionists and a string ensemble blended seamlessly with cinematic influences, Saana is a breathtaking experience of emotions and dynamics. TIMO TOLKKI calls it “A Classical Rock Opera”. Saana features US singer Jennifer Sowle for the title role as Saana, Aino Laos from England as Freya and Heikki Pöyhiä from Finland as Damian. Saana challenges its listener with a spectacular story of a woman who is about to end her life but is suddenly stopped by what seems to be a caring stranger ,who takes her on a journey that will change her life forever. Not only will she discover her destiny and find out her purpose, but she will also discover the biggest secret mankind has ever known. The final battle between good and evil has started.  Saana varies from quiet emotional moments of beauty to unseen heights of despair and hopelesness  and in itself carries a message that burns like the brightest flame. That message you must discover yourself.

Swedish metal monsters THE DEFACED, whose line up included and still includes members of celebrated acts such as Soilwork, Darkane, Terror 2000 and Kayser, started their musical journey in 1999. The debut album, “Domination Commence”, was released in September 2001 in Europe and Japan and in February 2002 in the US, rounding up tons of great reviews. Live gigs were hailed, both domestically and internationally, and the reputation of the band started growing very fast. May 2003 saw THE DEFACEDreleasing their second studio effort, “Karma In Black”. Fat production, strong melodies, creativity, originality and skill: the result totally spoke for itself! A video was shot for the track “Once in Between”. Since then some lineup changes have occurred but  the new members added new blood to the second chapter of the band’s career. New songs were finished at Ceasar studio and Palace of Noise studio. The mixing, by Klas Ideberg and Swaney, took place at Not Quite Studio in Helsingborg. The new album, entitled “Anomaly”, boasts a vast progression of the sound established by THE DEFACEDon previous records. New barriers are crossed stepping away from the convention of the scene in general, making the album a force of nature. This is the Anomaly! THE DEFACED… stronger than ever…

Additional releases slated for March 22, 2011 include Odd Dimension, Dotma, Georgian Skull and Bloodshot.





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